Lync 2013 reaches RTM

Hello, Lync 2013 reaches RTM. What a product!!! See details: Lync 2013 reaches RTM! regards, Alexandre


Attack Surface Analyzer available

Hello, Attack Surface Analyzer is developed by the Trustworthy Computing Security group. It is the same tool used by Microsoft’s internal product groups to catalogue changes made to operating system attack surface by the installation of new software. Attack Surface Analyzer takes a snapshot of your system state before and after the installation of product(s)…


Operation b70: Microsoft Reaches Settlement with Defendants in Nitol Botnet Case – Q & A

Operation b70: Microsoft Reaches Settlement with Defendants in Nitol Botnet Case   Key Messages   Microsoft reached a settlement with the defendants in the Nitol botnet case and will be dismissing the lawsuit pursuant to the agreement. Valuable evidence and intelligence gained in the operation will be used to help rescue people’s computers from the…


Microsoft Disrupts the Nitol Botnet to Protect Millions from an Emerging Threat

Hello, Because we share an interest in cybersecurity and public safety threats, I wanted to reach out to let you know that the Microsoft Digital Crimes has significantly helped stop the spread of the developing Nitol botnet and, as a result of this proactive action, disrupted an additional 500 different strains of malware.  These threats…


Do you know what Microsoft does to Combat Human Trafficking?

Hello, Are you aware about what Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit is doing to combat Human Trafficking? Do you know the Microsoft’s PhotoDNA Technology? Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit and Microsoft Research announced the recipients of the RFP we announced in December. It was announced that six research teams were awarded grants totaling $185,000 to advance deeper…


Exchange Risk Assessment Program – ExRAP Datasheet

Exchange Risk Assessment Program – ExRAP This post is only to point for the ExRAP’s Datasheet link:  And A copy here in .PNG format:    Page 2 Alexandre


What’s Operation b71? Understand how Microsoft is fighting back against cybercrime to protect their customers.

H3ll0, What’s Operation b71? Have you heard about ZEUS malware? What about BotNets? You can understand how Microsoft joined forces to takedown ZEUS malware and related BotNets. Background Botnets, or armies of malware-infected computers, are the tool of choice for cybercriminals to conduct a variety of online attacks, limited only by the imagination of the…


Cyberwars have already begun – Who will win? I mean, who is already winning.

H3ll0, Three years ago I attended a Cyber Security Congress with presenters from several countries and organizations: CIA, FBI, Scotland Yard, Spain’s Cybercrime specialists, Brazil’s Federal Police, and other specialists from different private’s organizations. At that time, I was there only as attendee. In the other hand, on my badge was written: “Microsoft” so you…


Attack Surface – a free Analyzer tool.

H3ll0, Security isn’t a destiny itself, it’s a journey. How safe this journey will be? Depends on a lot of factors. Below just a few: – Who’s in the command of the journey?- What’s places will be visited during the journey?- What’s the size of the budget?- How many risks you have assessed adequately?- Do…