How to Build a Trusted Brand? 3 Lessons from The Brothers Karamazov

It's considered by many, including Freud and Nietzsche, a masterpiece of Fyodor Dostoyevsky: The Brothers Karamazov. All of us can learn many lessons involving human behavior. For example, the competition between the father, Fyodor, and his eldest son Dmitri, for the love of Grushenka, a beautiful 22 years old woman,  can teach some lessons on how to build…


How to Create a Social Engineering Incident Response Plan?

Hello, What’s cross your mind when talking about Security? Most of IT professionals and users when thinking about Security are primarily concerned about technical aspects, for instance: strong passwords’ policies, Three Authentication Factors, Firewalls, Anti-Phishing, AntiMalwares, and so on. Of course, those are really important and can make a difference in terms of relative protection. Why I’m saying:…


How to Explain What is Cloud Computing for your Grandma?

Cloud or Cloud computing is a term that has dominated the media. Even those who do not work directly with technology must have heard it too. It's hard to spend a day without hearing someone comment on. And you? What do you mean by cloud computing? Recently, a friend who works in the area, said:…


Best Practices for Meetings using Skype for Business – Large Audiences

Hello ladies and gentlemen, When you’re scheduling your Skype for Business (Lync) Meetings, you can use the default options, which are appropriate for small and casual meetings with coworkers. It’s a good idea to modify the options if: You’re inviting more than 10-15 people. You can have up to 250 participants. You want to control…


How to build a Security Awareness program? Microsoft Security Awareness Toolkit – FREE!!!

Hello, Security isn't a destiny itself but it's a journey. How is your company preparing end users to make a safer journey through this high threat cyber road? Information security awareness and training is critical to any organization’s information security strategy and operations. People are in many cases the last line of defense against threats such…


Microsoft takes on global cybercrime epidemic in tenth malware disruption

Hello, As you may have seen from Reuters, the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) announced its tenth malware disruption on June 30th, the third since the opening of the Cybercrime Center in November. To protect its customers, Microsoft filed a civil case against Dynamic DNS provider No-IP, and two foreign nationals for their roles in…


The Security Realm: A Microsoft Map of the Known World

Hello, This is a Microsoft map infographic released at Black Hat 2013, that illustrates the various Microsoft security programs working to protect customers and their computer systems. You can download a full copy here. Enjoy! Alexandre Marins


Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit releases latest Citadel botnet cleanup data

Hello,   I wanted to reach out to let you know that the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) released the latest information about the progress in cleanup of the notorious financial cybercrime ring known as Citadel, a family of more than 1,400 botnets disrupted by Microsoft in cooperation with the FBI and financial and technology industry…


Microsoft to Offer Standing Bug Bounty

Hello,   What about get a 100K dollars?   See how:   Details from Microsoft Security:   Regards, Alexandre


Microsoft Takes Botnet Threat Intelligence Program to the Cloud

Hello,   I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that Microsoft announced today a new cloud-based version of its Cyber Threat Intelligence Program (C-TIP), providing near real-time information about known malware infections to participating ISPs and CERTs Worldwide, so they can help victims regain control of their computers.  Last Friday in…