How to Manage Server Costs with Windows Azure

New Applications often mean new servers. The rate of technical change in our industry means our workforce has different demands and so our “line of business” applications need to be updated. This could mean a new version or modifications that add a web service front end. Whichever way, there usually is a new hardware request…


It’s not always what you know, but where you know to look

Finding that right resource to help you when you most need it is never easy. Back in my days supporting DPS 6 and TPS 6 Systems for Honeywell, people would often ask how I would find something in a dump, from a trap message or from a customer description. My answer to them was simply,…


TechNet Slides on SlideShare

We often get asked about the slides we create for the many presentations TechNet does around the World. For a trail basis the most recent versions are being posted on We are also looking at posting the demonstration script and setup guides to gauge how populate these materials will be.


20-Part Webcast Series on Microsoft Virtualization Solutions

A team of IT Pro Evangelists from the US including:  Kevin Remde, Matt Hester, Chris Avis, Chris Henley, and Yung Chou is delivering a 20-part webcast series on Microsoft Virtualization Solutions starting January 14, 2009. The objectives of this series is not only to help you develop technical depth on various virtualization solutions with level…


Windows 7 Beta Has Officially Launched

The Beta for Windows 7 is officially launched this week. For TechNet subscribers, you can download Windows 7 Beta now here. On January 9th, the beta will open to all IT professionals on the Springboard Series for Windows 7 here. Full details are available on the Springboard blog.


Up and coming TechNet Events in the UK

For those of you in the UK, here are the dates and titles of the forthcoming Events in the UK Virtualisation and Management Technologies 21 August 2008, Liverpool: Microsoft Virtualisation and Management Technologies 9 September 2008, Reading: Microsoft Virtualisation and Management Technologies 11 September 2008, Edinburgh: Microsoft Management and Virtualisation Technologies SQL Server 2008 10…


The Latest SQL Server 2008 TechNet Event Content Posted

The SQL Server 2008 event series is now available from TechNet. Consisting of 6 initial sessions listed below, you can access video and audio version of each sessions, along with links to additional resources and training.   SQL-300 What’s New In Microsoft SQL 2008 In this session, we will go through an overview tour of…


Catch the Hyper-V buzz from TechEd Orlando

While you may not have been able to attend TechEd 2008, Orlando, TechNet Spotlight was and it recorded a number of sessions around Hyper-V. So for you visual pleasure here are the sessions. Virtualization and Security: What Does It Mean for Me? Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Architecture, Scenarios, and Networking Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V: Scripting…


Understanding Data mining

Are you in the dark about Data Mining? Worried about having to find all that wood to prop up the tunnels as you seek the data to mine? Well TechNet Spotlight comes to the rescue, recorded at the Microsoft Office in London earlier this year, watch Rafal Lukawiecki deliver a series of sessions on Data…