Creating a Private Cloud – Part 2: Configuration

In this post I’ll carry on from part 1 and cover the configuration side of the System Center products to deliver Private Cloud type functionality. Where should you be after Part 1? So a quick recap from part 1, you should have Windows Server 2008 R2 installed, with the additional Roles and Features etc. installed….


Virtual Machine Servicing Tool (VMST) 3.0 – Now Available!

The increasing use of virtual machines—for purposes ranging from support of older operating system environments, power savings through to the deployment of Private Clouds—has created new challenges for IT. In particular, virtual machines may be left offline (stored in a non-operating state) for extended periods of time, which conserves resources when the server capacities of…


Creating a Private Cloud – Part 1: Setup

Can I offer IT as a Service? Virtualization offers many benefits; it’s the technological change in our industry that underpins the Cloud Computing wave. With Virtualization, you can reduce the number of physical servers you own and maintain, reduce energy costs, even implement high availability solutions you thought beyond your budgets. Then you look at…


Put the Cloud to Work For Your Organization

There are currently many misconceptions surrounding the Cloud and what it has to offer. The team I work on set out to help you becoming more knowledgeable. We think that once you get straight answers to questions about the Cloud you can also help guide others to a better understanding, thus take informed next steps…


From Servers to Services. The Role for the IT Pro in the Cloud.

The looming question for IT Pro’s regarding the cloud is “What is the future for my role?” Simply put, no one can say for sure. There are many factors to consider when answering that question. The cloud offerings are not identical, which affects the answer. There will be changes in roles. That’s not unusual for…


Windows Azure Platform. Inside the Cloud. Microsoft’s Cloud World Explained Part 2.

In this post we will explore the Windows Azure Platform in more detail. After reading it you’ll have an understanding of the components that make up the platform, what functions they perform as well as an idea of what applications are good candidates to run on Windows Azure Platform and the considerations for making that…


Head in the Clouds. Microsoft’s Cloud World Explained Part 1

In this first post on Cloud Computing, I’ll cover Microsoft’s Cloud offerings; I’ll also discuss some of the cloud computing terms you may have heard about, as well as cover briefly what good cloud apps are. In the following two posts I’ll cover the Windows Azure Platform in more detail, and round off with a…