Vista Gadgets on the Desktop

So here is something I found out the other day about the Sidebar and the Gadgets. You can drag the Gadget from the SlideBar and onto the desktop and thus minimise the Sidebar all together. It’s as simple as that. So now I’ve got the 3 clocks for the 3 time zones I need to…


Breaking disk encryption with RAM dumps

While reviewing a new Windows Server 2008 publication, The Complete Guide to Windows Server 2008, which is extremely good from what I’ve read so far, the author discusses physical security of machines and the use of BitLocker. While the book is on Windows Server 2008, there are references to Vista and how cold boot attacks…


Vista Convert

There has been a lot written about Vista over the last year, including a number of kermodian* rants. I’ve even had friends who I’ve helped with Vista convert back to XP. Myself, I will confess that I didn’t switch right way. A number of reasons, most predominantly due to the driver status for my HP….


Getting to Grips with Group Policy

Group Policy is one of the most powerful features of Windows Server 2008 and to fully understand it requires a good resource. The good news is that since the first publications on Policy settings in Windows NT came out, the resources have gotten better. The latest addition to this family from Microsoft Press is the…


Watch Mark Russinovich host a Virtual Roundtable disussing Windows Vista Adoption and Deployment

Recently Mark Russinovich hosted a panel of top independent industry experts to drive an open discussion around Windows Vista adoption and deployment, and demystify known issues. The panel featured leading third-party Windows Vista adoption subject-matter experts including Mark Minasi , author of Administering Windows Vista Security: The Big Surprises; T Tony Bradley, foremost security expert…