Deploying Windows 7 Course released in 10 Languages

I’m pleased to announce that today the “Deploying Windows 7” course has been published to the MVA. This course originated in the Deployment Learning Portal (DLP). While the DLP itself has been phased out, it will continue to live within the MVA and in the 10 languages listed below.

Tomorrow we will release the component at the backend that will ensure all existing DLP registered students will be credited with the same progress level in the MVA that they achieved in the DLP. For existing DLP students who are also MVA students, all you will need to do tomorrow is log on. For those DLP students who are not yet registered with the MVA, you simply have to register and you will be credited with your course progress at that point.

We trust you will find this course useful helping you to deploy Windows 7 and this step is important as Windows XP End of Support is April 8, 2014

Implantando o Windows 7

部署 Windows 7

Deploying Windows 7

Déploiement de Windows 7

Bereitstellen von Windows 7

Distribuzione di Windows 7

Windows 7 を展開する

Windows 7 배포

Развертывание Windows 7

Implementación de Windows 7

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  1. I am still under shock that XP will have a End of Support on 2014 .. thx for sharing ..

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