Vista Gadgets on the Desktop

So here is something I found out the other day about the Sidebar and the Gadgets. You can drag the Gadget from the SlideBar and onto the desktop and thus minimise the Sidebar all together. It’s as simple as that. So now I’ve got the 3 clocks for the 3 time zones I need to remember on my desktop across the top and the Notes gadget to the bottom left.

There you go, a short entry of something I’m probably the last person using Vista has worked out.

Comments (3)

  1. Dave Dustin says:

    You know you can set multiple clocks with different time-zones with the standard tray-bar clock don’t you?  

    So when you click on the digitial time, up pops the calendar and (upto) 3 clocks.

  2. alanle_MS says:

    I have that set up to 🙂 I was just such a fan of the clock application from the early Windows days I had to have the Gadgets on the desktop.

  3. basbase2010 says:

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