OneDrive for Business without OneDrive for Business

So, what does that title mean? Use OneDrive for Business without OneDrive for Business? What I mean by that, is that it is not required to use the OneDrive for Business client in order to interact with your document libraries hosted on SharePoint or SharePoint Online. This counts for both that one document library on…


What is the difference between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business?

Updated movie with new name change and made some minor adjustments. — Still I often receive questions from partners around the differences between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. As I had some time left during the holidays (and wanted to activate the right side of my brain :)), I figured to create the video below. [View:]


Migrating File Shares to OneDrive for Business

* Update 22-6-2015: Added migration tools from Dell and included section on new migration APIs and PowerShell commandlets * Update 4-6-2015: Added link to blog/tool from Bill Baer * Update 15-4-2015: Added MigrationWiz tool and fixed max amount of docs in library from 5 to 30 million * Update 9-12-2014: Added O365Uploader tool (thx Jos) * Update 3-12-2014:…


More SharePoint vNext resources

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SharePoint vNext readiness video’s

As the consumer preview of the next version of the Office familiy is released, so is the preview of SharePoint. This also means a lot more information has been published on Technet and MSDN. Check out the following training video’s: IT Pro – Developer – -Andre

Geen presence info in SharePoint Online

Liep vanmorgen tegen in issue aan waarbij we geen presence icoontjes zagen bij het auteur veld in een document bibliotheek. Tevens zagen we ook géén popup verschijnen als je de muis op de naam plaatste zoals hieronder. De oorzaak van dit probleem is vrij eenvoudig en het heeft te maken met het feit dat de…

Update – Externe gebruikers in SharePoint Online

Goed nieuws, sinds deze week is er een grote verandering doorgevoerd met betrekking tot het uitnodigen van externe gebruikers binnen SharePoint Online. De grootste verandering is dat voor de E-plannen (dus ook SharePoint Plan 1 en 2) er nu geen 1000 externe gebruikers kunnen worden uitgenodigd, maar 10.000 externe gebruikers kunnen worden uitgenodigd. Voor het…


SharePoint Online in a hybrid environment

Update August 23th: The whitepaper “Hybrid SharePoint Environments with Office 365” that is mentioned a few times in this article has been heavily revised. This revisions focus on: Broad updates on patterns & practices for hybridization Asserts how Business Connectivity Services (BCS) increases reach of hybrid scenarios A new segment on leveraging a hybrid reporting environment to…

Restore options in SharePoint Online

Updated some bullets on request of the tech support team. — Recently I got into a discussion on how recoverability actually works within SharePoint Online. Below are a few facts.   Site Collection Restore Contact Microsoft Support for assistance with possible data loss issues.  They will work with you to assess the best route to…


Twitter feed plaatsen in SharePoint Online

In het onderstaande filmpje is te zien hoe je eenvoudig een twitter feed kunt invoegen in SharePoint Online. -Andre