What is the difference between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business?

Updated movie with new name change and made some minor adjustments. — Still I often receive questions from partners around the differences between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. As I had some time left during the holidays (and wanted to activate the right side of my brain :)), I figured to create the video below. [View:https://youtu.be/Fww5uP-x6hY:550:0]


Migrating File Shares to OneDrive for Business

* Update 22-6-2015: Added migration tools from Dell and included section on new migration APIs and PowerShell commandlets * Update 4-6-2015: Added link to blog/tool from Bill Baer * Update 15-4-2015: Added MigrationWiz tool and fixed max amount of docs in library from 5 to 30 million * Update 9-12-2014: Added O365Uploader tool (thx Jos) * Update 3-12-2014:…