FIM 2010 R2 Self-Service Password Reset Deployment Guide

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  1. AnthonyHo says:

    Tim, contact support and see if they can help

  2. I do not see step-by-step procedure. Where is it? says:

    Hi Anthony,

    This document includes lots of pages, but definitely does not have information how to deploy FIM 2010 R2. For example if I search for objectSID I get 0 results, is that expected? I was under impression that deployment guide should guide me how to deploy FIM 2010 R2, step-by-step, and make it works.

    Please advise.

  3. Hi Anthony,

    Are there any special steps in enabling WMI on Windows 2012 Server? I just went thru this guide but it still doesn't work.

    When I was testing with WBEMTEST it is failing on: select * from MIIS_CSObject where Account = 'FIMSVC' and Domain ='DOMAIN'

    Error: 0x80041003 (Access Denied).

  4. Tim says:

    Worst product documentation of all time.. 2 weeks and still not working.. I think FIM stands for, Forget It Mate.

  5. fredclark says:

    need to reset my pass word

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