Changing your Published Windows Store App Name

So you released your app, got a bunch of positive reviews and downloads.  Then one of a few things happens:

  1. You get a bunch of reviews that say your app name is stupid
  2. You decide you app name is stupid
  3. You realize that your name, while creative, doesn't contain the primary search keywords thus ensuring your search relevance will be mediocre at best.

If you reach this point like me, I'm sure you're feeling frustrated, sad, confused and afraid you'll never retire off your brilliantly executed micro-transaction implementation.  Don't worry though, I'm here to help you!  Windows store has made it pretty easy to change your app name, the only problem is that the documentation isn't crystal clear.  It says you need to reserve another name within the Dashboard under the specific submission, and change the app name within the Package.appxmanifest (among other places).  The overarching issue here is that there are a handful of places you need to change, and missing one could mean your app is named properly from a deployment standpoint, but the store won't reflect the change unless you update it in the proper locations.  So, now that I've gone through and missed those locations initially I am here to give you a CLEAR path to success.

Visual Studio (i.e. the app itself) - here is what to change

  1. First off, update everything that's within your primary code.  If you have a splash screen or show the name on the mainpage, change it.  If you have underlying data services that use some form of the app name obviously evaluate that separately but anything public facing should be changed.
  2. Update your artwork/art assets.  Don't forget this
  3. For the windows store to reflect the changes you need to do two things - on the client side open up the Package.appxmanifest in VS.  Click the "Packaging" tab and change the Package Display Name.
  4. Under the Application UI under the Package.appxmanifest you also need to change the "Display Name" there.  That should update the deployed package name and what shows up on the Windows Client
  5. In the Properties -> AssemblyInfo.cs file I like to update the AssemblyTitle and AssemblyProduct but I don't think these actually used by anything that displays your app name

Store Dashboard -

Create a new release for your existing app and then click the "App Name" selection.  In the last line of text you'll need to click the line "Reserve another Name" hotlink to reserve the name.  Then upload your new package and you are good to go.


Seems easy?  Good it's supposed to be just don't miss both spots in the Package.appxmanifest and your good to go 🙂 


Comments (1)

  1. MySoCalledTechLife says:

    Thanks Erik,
    I had followed the guide, but I found I had to do the following to get it to work for me:
    – do NOT do step 3 (do not modify the package name); I got an error in the dashboard stating as much.
    – when using the build for Store option within VisualStudio, do NOT select any exist name already in the store, just build the package then goto the dashboard via a browser as normal.

    Best Regards.

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