Server and Domain Isolation Demo

Descubra en este demo cómo configurar DOMAIN ISOLATION una medida de seguridad clave en la estrategía de segmentación lógica de la red. Brief Description Get hands-on experience with Server and Domain Isolation, and learn how this cost-effective end-point authentication solution can help you reduce the risk of network-based threats and safeguard sensitive data.  


Microsoft IT Showcase: Information Security at Microsoft Overview

Descubra las mejores prácticas y procesos que Microsoft IT usa para asegurar la red al interior de Microsoft. Brief Description Discover the best practices and processes Microsoft IT uses to secure its network. Provides a brief overview of the many aspects of network security; including some of the technologies used to protect against viruses, unapproved…


The Fundamental Computer Investigation Guide for Windows Is Now Available

Internet connectivity and technological advances expose computers and computer networks to criminal activities such as unauthorized intrusion, financial fraud, and identity and intellectual property theft. Computers can be used to launch attacks against computer networks and destroy data. E-mail can be used to harass people, transmit sexually explicit images, and conduct other malicious activities. Such…