The Fundamental Computer Investigation Guide for Windows Is Now Available

Internet connectivity and technological advances expose computers and computer networks to criminal activities such as unauthorized intrusion, financial fraud, and identity and intellectual property theft. Computers can be used to launch attacks against computer networks and destroy data. E-mail can be used to harass people, transmit sexually explicit images, and conduct other malicious activities. Such…


Preparate para probar la Beta 3 de Windows Server – "Longhorn"

Windows server “Longhorn” será la siguiente versión de Windows Server 2003 R2. La versión Beta 3 estará próximamente disponible para evaluación y pruebas. Register to be notified when the Windows Server, code name “Longhorn,” Beta is available and to get beta updates in your TechNet Flash »


Componentes del Directorio Activo

Este mapa contiene una vista muy concreta de los componentes esenciales del Directorio Activo en Microsoft Windows Server 2003 TechNet Magazine Active Directory Component Jigsaw Poster (.pdf)