Hello, is anyone home?

Just a very quick note to say that this site is not dead, it’s just neglected I will be posting a lot of content here after MMS.  I have been working on a lot of new content that we tested for the first time last week at our internal event, TechReady and will be publicly…


Changing the Opalis operator console timeout and polling interval settings

The Opalis operator console by default is set to refresh every 10 seconds and timeout after 20 minutes. If this does not meet your desired behavior, you can change these settings in the file “settings.properties”.  You change these settings at your own risk. This file is located is the folder: <your JBOSS>:\server\default\deploy\OpConsoleApp-1.0.ear\OpConsoleServer-1.0.jar\ Open this file…


The difference between Opalis and Service Manager

One of the most common questions I get is to help people understand the difference between Opalis and Service Manager.  There is a misconception that they do the same thing.  They don’t. Whilst there are some things that you could do in both solutions, the reality is that they are complimentary. Here’s how I define…


Repost–existing Opalis workflow samples and examples

Seeing some of the suggestions for workflows reminded me that we already have some of these, or at least the foundation for them. Make sure you take a look at the existing Workflow Authoring Examples and Samples that are posted and published on the Opalis blog.


What Opalis scenario would *you* like to see built and run?

I’m very interested in building out scenario’s that you want to see.  So the easiest way to do this, is for you to tell me what you want to see! Please post in the comments 🙂


Webcast–Using Opalis to perform DR based on an Application State

I have recorded a new 2-part Webcast, showcasing the new System Center Integration Packs, and how we can respond to an Application’s State. There are many things we can do in response to an Application State, and many different scenarios we can complete.  In this scenario, we are monitoring an Application’s State in Operations Manager,…


Webcast–Opalis, the new SC IP’s and the Private Cloud

I have recorded a webcast of the new System Center Integration Pack’s in action.  These new IP’s will be released with Opalis 6.3. The video walks through a scenario that is part of the move to a Private Cloud: moving from a physical platform to a Dynamic Virtual platform. The scenario includes the following: Reading…


Using Opalis to automate Standard Operating Procedures

We use the term Run Book Automation as part of the description of what Opalis does.  This is a very good description as it encapsulates very precisely what Opalis is all about: “Run Book Automation (RBA) is the ability to define, build, orchestrate, manage and report on workflows that support system and network operational processes….


Taking a look at the next Opalis release

I posted today over on the System Center Nexus site about the upcoming Opalis release and what improvements it will bring. To quickly recap, the next release of Opalis brings two main enhancements: Platform Support – we will now support the latest Windows Server platforms System Center integration – new Integration Packs for Configuration Manager,…