Building the MMS keynote demos

It’s been an amazing week at MMS! Every year, our team has the pleasure of being a major contributor to the success of MMS, driving the session tracks, the marketplace booths, ensuring that the content delivered is of a high quality and of course building the keynote demos . This year I had the honor…


It’s All about the App

In the coming months, I am going to be taking a focus on how System Center provides the capability to create, deploy and performance monitor applications in cloud based architectures. I’ll be writing posts on things like, how do you build an application to operate within a Private Cloud? How can you scale that application…


Celebrating the Release of Orchestrator 2012 Beta

Today we made the Beta of System Center Orchestrator 2012 available.  This was a huge effort by the team and this afternoon we celebrated! This post is dedicated to the Orchestrator Engineering team.  They put this together and made it happen. There is this little tradition at Microsoft involving Fountains.  Below is most of the…


What Opalis scenario would *you* like to see built and run?

I’m very interested in building out scenario’s that you want to see.  So the easiest way to do this, is for you to tell me what you want to see! Please post in the comments 🙂


Ramp Up for System Center Service Manager 2010

This is a free, online self-study resource for our partners and customers to learn more about Service Manager. It is a collection of online documentation, recorded webcasts and hands on labs. Resources provided include Articles, Videos and Virtual Labs to help you Ramp Up and get going quickly. Microsoft System Center Service Manager delivers an integrated platform for…


How to automate a process in Opalis, step-by-step

In this post, we’ll take a very simple looking process and show how easy it is to automate this in Opalis. Lets take a simple scenario:  read in lines from a text file and compare the values to a database table If there is a match, get the free disk space of the server and…


Examining the capabilities of Opalis

For anyone whose ever been at the receiving end of a request to ‘just grab some info’ or work out how to ‘easily send information’ to and from different technology solutions, Opalis is the solution you will wish you’ve always had. Opalis is that rare breed of technology that has just as much benefit to…


The “New Blog” Post

Welcome to the new look and feel! I am changing the focus of my blog to be about Opalis.  My name is Adam, and the “Magic Octopus” was my idea. So, what is Opalis? From the Opalis Homepage: Microsoft has acquired Opalis Software, a Toronto-based private company that is a leader in IT process automation…