Some more detail on Application Management sessions at MMS

So we’re only a couple of days from heading down to MMS to set up all the hardware for the keynotes (and believe me, this year we have more hardware backstage than ever before Smile) and ensure that MMS 2012 is an outstanding success.

I wanted to provide an update to the Application Management session list with some more call outs for things we will be doing in a few sessions.

Additional notes in bold in each cell.


Session Details

AM-B101 System Center 2012: Behind the Scenes Overview


Ashvin Sanghvi, Ryan O'Hara

Hear directly from the engineering team that built Microsoft System Center 2012. Learn how to make the magic from the keynote come to life for your organization. Get an overview of the key improvements in System Center 2012, the design principles for 2012, how those turned into features, and finally how you can implement within your organization to achieve business value.

The Demo crew will be breaking down the keynotes demos that Kenon, myself and Michael Leworthy built and showing what we actually did!
The demo crew is an all-star lineup from engineering – Daniel Savage (Ops Mgr), Marc Umeno (Service Manager), Ravi Chintalapudi (Orchestrator) and Stephen Baron (VMM).

AM-B307 Application Management: Configure and Deploy Applications in Private and Public Clouds


Adam Hall, Cory Delamarter

In this session we will look at how we configure, deploy, manage and operate services in the private cloud, how we deploy and monitor Windows Azure applications, how we consolidate Azure subscriptions with App Controller to allow organizations to delegate access to them, and how IT can provide Application owners and developers with access to rich performance monitoring information with deep code-level insight into how the application is performing for the end user. We'll look at Application Self Service, Quotas, Delegated resources, managing application resources and the setup and configuration of application performance monitoring

In addition to having Cory showcase how we are using and monitoring Windows Azure internally at Microsoft, we will have onstage the creators of the new demo application you will see in the keynote, and they will give insight into how they built it and what the learnt in the process.  This is a must see for everyone looking at how to efficiently and effectively create, deploy and manage applications in a private cloud.

AM-B308 System Center and Windows Azure, Part 1


Adam Hall, Craig Kitterman

In this session we explore how to configure and deploy applications into Windows Azure using Microsoft System Center 2012.

Craig and I have put together a very demo heavy session where we will take you from zero to a deployed application complete with diagnostics and performance monitoring enabled.

AM-B309 System Center and Windows Azure, Part 2


Adam Hall, Craig Kitterman, Vinay Balasubramaniam

In this session we explore how to configure and deploy applications into Windows Azure using Microsoft System Center 2012.

Following on from Part 1, we will now continue the demo heavy nature of these sessions and connect Operations Manager to our newly deployed application and show you how the auto-discovery works and how the diagnostics and performance monitoring lights up in Operations Manager.
Additionally we have Vinay onstage with us who will take you through a very first look at how we monitor and manage SQL Azure!

AM-B315 SharePoint As a Workload in a Private Cloud


Adam Hall, Michael Frank

Microsoft SharePoint would not automatically spring to mind when talking about service templates in a private cloud. With its sheer amount of Out-Of-the-Box features and services and the complex and extendable infrastructure, each installation has its own deployment routine. This makes creating a standardized service template seem like a daunting process. In this session we will show you how with Virtual Machine Manager and some PowerShell, you can create SharePoint service templates for the private Cloud.

SharePoint is the most commonly requested workload when I talk about applications in a private cloud.  Is it possible? Hell yes!  Is it easy?  Not quite.  Michael has built and will show how we did it, SharePoint configured and deployed in a Service Template and deployed into our private cloud.

AM-B322 Deploying and Managing Applications on Windows Azure


Adam Hall, Craig Kitterman

In this session we dive a little deeper into the structure of a Windows Azure application and how it differs from a traditional on-premise or private cloud application. We discuss the architecture of Windows Azure and explore how its various services can be easily used by Developers and IT Professionals. Finally, we look at what Windows Azure application packages actually look like and how to deploy, monitor, and scale those applications.

If you missed the 2 part series above, come along to this one session where we will go from 0-100 in 60 minutes with Windows Azure!


I’m sure you will love MMS this year, look forward to seeing you there!


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