How to customize the AD FS corporate logon page

Hi everyone With older versions of AD FS you could customize the look and feel using web design. With 2012 R2, there is no more dependence on IIS, with AD FS now built directly on top of HTTP.SYS, meaning no installation of IIS is required. You can read all the PowerShell commands on TechNet. I…


Work Folders for Windows 7

Hi everyone Today we are excited to release the Work Folders client for Windows 7.   We know a lot of our enterprise customers are running Windows 7 and also want to take advantage of being able to sync documents from File Servers to these clients. A common question about Work Folders is it’s relationship to…


Microsoft Identity Manager

As you can see over on the Server-Cloud blog, we have released some additional information about Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) vNext. We’ll be bringing this under the Microsoft brand as part of the removal of the Forefront brand, adding support for the latest platforms and investing in some exciting new areas. You can read the…


TechEd Foundation Sessions … Why are there 2 “Enabling Enterprise Mobility” sessions?

Hi all There are two Foundation Sessions at TechEd that start with “Enabling Enterprise Mobility” … why? We agonized over this and debated a lot, but ultimately these 2 sessions should be considered complimentary and you should go to 1 and watch the other later .  Together they cover the breadth of what Microsoft does…


Using PowerShell to map users to registered devices

This is another question that comes up from time to time … how do I map users to the devices that they have registered, or inversely how do I map a registered device to a user? Here are the 2 PowerShell scripts.  Copy into the PS ISE, save as .PS1 files. Note, if you redirected…


Restricting access to Office 365 using policies

I had this question twice in one day, so thought I would post this. Is it possible to restrict access to Office 365 from just internal devices or client types? Yes. Full details here:  Client access policy works by identifying which authentication requests should be permitted based upon attributes of the request itself. To…


Azure Active Directory Premium is GA

Quick note to confirm that Azure Active Directory is now GA You can read the announcement here:  This is a fantastic milestone and I’m looking forward to being involved as we continue to evolve and add even more to our platform.


Windows Server 2012 R2 Update

Quick note: Windows Server 2012 R2 Update is now available on MSDN and will be on Windows Update next week. A summary can be found here:  More details here:  From the articles: (the AD FS update is a biggie, will unblock many customers with UPN challenges) Here is what is included in Windows…


Office for iPad, EMS and Azure AD Premium

It’s been fun to be involved in this, our team designed the EMS bundle, we are the PM team for AADP and we built the demo Julia did in conjunction with Office/365 teams in a great collaboration effort. This is an exciting day! Satya’s post and top-level info: Office for iPad: New EMS…