Need help Troubleshooting ADFS? Check out the ADFS Diag Tool…

It's no secret, troubleshooting ADFS can be tough. That's why a few key members from our ADFS Test Team (Krish Shenoy and Marcelo Mas) took it upon themselves to create a diagnostics tool that can make troubleshooting ADFS much easier. I am inserting an image of a flyer we created recently (just click the image to see it expanded) that explains what the tool does and how you can use it. I am also inserting a couple of links below since they don't show up hot when you click on them in the image. Enjoy!

Where to get the tool -

Where to send feedback -

Comments (2)

  1. xTra-ITProGuy says:

    This looks very cool. I will try it out. Thx for the pointer!!

  2. ris says:

    Why is everything greyed out?

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