Script to configure SharePoint to use ADFS authentication

More great tools by the ADFS team… Problems with the web.config files are one of the more common issues we see with ADFS/MOSS cases in PSS.  Now there is a script with will make the modifications for you. It is located on the SharePoint team blog and can be accessed here.

Update on configuring MOSS as a claims aware application

======================================================================================  UPDATE: I’m not going to remove this blog or the original blog on the web.config entries – but I do want to make note that these web.config files should not be modified directly anymore.  Please use the SetupSharePointADFS.vbs file to configure the MOSS applications for the SSO Provider.  The script eliminates the possiblility of…


Installing MOSS as a claims aware application in ADFS

  Hi, this is Jim Simonet from the Enterprise Platform Support team and Steve Peschka from the SharePoint Ranger team. In this blog we’re going to talk about how to configure Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) with SharePoint 2007. We have actually been working on this document for a few weeks now. The TechNet team…