ADFSDiag has been updated again!

The updated tool can be found here.  The attachment contains both 32 and 64 bit installers. A cool new feature – Claim Flow Analysis has been added to this version.  I’ll write up a quick blog on how to use this feature soon.


Adding an ADFS Proxy Server

I’m going on an hour trying to get the screen shots formatted correctly.  Live Writer is making them too small.  I’ll just attach the word document to the end if you want to see the pictures better.  I’m done messing around with this for now!  If you know what I’m doing wrong – please send…


Interesting problem when adding an ADFS Proxy

I am working on a blog post (step-by-step) for the Proxy component and I ran into a problem yesterday that ran me around pretty good.  We have seen this issue or variations of it on some support cases recently, so I thought the actual problem itself would make a good post. The problem is caused by permissions…


Using ADFS with Constrained Delegation

With ADFS – the authentication token issued is good for the web server with the agent installed.  It is a local RPC token and cannot go off the box.  With some additional configuration, you can configure ADFS to go off the box and delegate with a kerbitized back-end.  There are some caveats – namely, a…