MS Virtual Lab – A PKI troubleshooting exercise

I was going through some old items and came across this link for an on-line ADFS lab.  I decided to run through the lab (takes about an hour).  There are problems with it.  The title of this blog tells you what these problems are. 

I can tell it's an old lab, the manual tells you to enter the federation server url like:  - specifying the clientlogon.aspx file was how things were done up until beta 3 of R2 if I remember correctly.

You can get it working (just look around and get creative with the certs)

If you want some practice working with certificates used in ADFS - then you should check it out.

I submitted feedback and will try to locate who controls this content - but it will most likely be up there and in this condition for a while. 

The online lab is a cool idea - too bad this is the only one I can find (and it's broken)


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