My name is Jim Simonet and I work with the Microsoft PSS Directory Services Group.  I work with a small team within Directory Services that supports the majority of ADFS issues at Microsoft.  I'm creating this blog space to post about lessons learned in PSS regarding ADFS.  I have many ideas in my head on useful content here and have a few items in the works right now. 

Sharepoint 2007 seems to be a popular topic right now and I hope to put some useful content out soon which will help you configure Sharepoint 2007/MOSS as a claims aware application with ADFS.

Additionally, I'd like to use this space to document common misconfigurations I see with ADFS...

 I hope that you will find this space helpful and provide feedback on ideas to blog about in the future.


Comments (3)

  1. Stacy2 says:

    Great job, your blog is invaluable, thank you!

  2. Amir M. Modir says:

    Hi Jim,

     Do you know if i have a problem with ADFS Virtual Lab (application error in excersise 3.1.f, resource not found!) who i can contact?


  3. Larry says:

    I need to have a solution to keep track of the number of requests received per day/hour for each relying party in ADFS is there a way to capture this?

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