Open sourcing our developer libraries

Howdy folks, We’re rapidly closing out the year here in the Active Directory team, but I’ve got one last piece of news to share before we all turn into elves and head out for holiday feasting a little later this week. A big part of the success of Windows Azure Active Directory is the large… Read more

Custom Branding Support in Azure AD now in Preview!

Howdy folks, We have some exciting news to share. Today, we're introducing the ability for organizations to customize their Windows Azure AD sign in page. This feature is now in Public Preview, and we encourage you to take it for a spin. It will be built into Azure AD Premium once it comes out of… Read more

Group Management for Admins – Public Preview!

Howdy folks, More cool news to share! Just this week we’ve turned on a preview of group management capabilities for directory administrators. This is another free capability for Windows Azure Active Directory. Admins can now add, delete, and manage the membership of security groups directly in Windows Azure AD in the cloud. As you would… Read more

New public facing app gallery site

Howdy folks, A lot of you have been asking in email and our blog forums about how to figure out which apps are pre-integrated with Windows Azure AD. With our release last week, we’ve turned on a public facing version of our Application Gallery where you can browse and search the entire list. To access the gallery, visit:   Best regards, Alex Simons (Twitter:… Read more

Usage of and Enhancements in our GraphAPI

Howdy folks, Many of you who read this blog are already familiar with our GraphAPI – it’s a RESTful cloud API based on the OData 2.0 standard. The GraphAPI is the best and easiest way to programmatically and securely access the wealth of data that resides in Windows Azure Active Directory.  Today over 1450 3rd party applications use the GraphAPI and last… Read more

App Access Enhancements GA + Azure AD Premium Preview

Howdy folks! It’s a BIG day here in the Active Directory team. As ScottGu announced in his blog post, we’ve just GA’d the Application Access Enhancements for Windows Azure Active Directory. This is a HUGE milestone for us on our path to delivering the world’s richest cloud based identity management service. In addition to these… Read more

Pre-Integrated Apps and our App Gallery

Howdy folks! If you have been following our blog posts and/or have been exploring Windows Azure Active Directory, you’ve probably read about how you can use it to connect your organization’s on-premises Windows Server Active Directory identities to the cloud, and how this enables your users to single sign-on into cloud-based applications without needing to… Read more

Creating and Managing Multiple Windows Azure Active Directories

Howdy folks, One of the big requests we’ve had from developers and administrator is to have an option to create multiple Windows Azure Active Directories that they can use for development and test purposes, or because they want to have separate directories to synchronize with their local Windows Server AD forests. I’m happy to let… Read more

Getting started with Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

Howdy folks, Just about 2 weeks back, ScottGu announced the general availability of Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication on his blog. We’ve seen a LOT of interest in this service and have even closed several large enterprise deals since we announced. Given this level of excitement, I thought many of you might find it useful to… Read more

An update on dates, pricing and sharing some cool data!

Howdy folks! Back in August I blogged about some new capabilities that we turned on in preview that will simplify managing access to many popular SaaS applications. Today I want to give you an update on our plans and also share some data demonstrating the tremendous customer growth we are seeing! Since July we’ve made… Read more