2008 Certificate Web Enrollment Pages for Download

  There’s be a lot of demand for the web enrollment pages from Server 2008.   For those that have contacted me directly I apologize for the trouble I’ve had getting back to everyone on these.  I also know that it some people expressed frustration over having to contact Microsoft Customer Services and Support for these… Read more


For Customer Services and Support division employees at Microsoft it’s inevitable that, if you talk directly to customers at all, you will be asked whether you are certified.  I’ve even heard our customers ask development folks (aka programmers) that question in the past.  The question was followed by a pause as the programmer silently had… Read more

Server 2008 and Windows Vista: Encryption Better Together

A while back I did a blog post about some problems that were seen with people testing Windows Vista and then “rolling back” to Windows XP and some problems that could be seen when using the same computer object (also known as account) in AD.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it here’s… Read more