Hyper-V health check practices document posted

Sainath K.E.V, DS-MVP, from Avanade AU, posted a document: Microsoft Hyper-v Health Checks with Scenario on the Microsoft TechNet Gallery. The paper covers the Hyper-V checks that shows Sainath’s document for best practices to validate Hyper-v installation and configuration in an Enterprise implementations in a real-world scenario. http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Hyper-v-Health-Checks-with-50856c4d Thanks for contributing your work to the…

Creating Multiple Active Directory Domains Different Networks using Hyper-v RRAS

Microsoft MVP Sainath K E V recently posted a tutorial on the TechNet Wiki titled Creating Multiple Active Directory Domains Different Networks using Hyper-v RRAS. The document provides an example of how to create and configure domains across multiple subnets using a Hyper-V environment. Thanks for the community contribution, Sainath!

The Hyper-V and the virtual floppy shuffle

One of the favorite ice breakers for computer geek get-together is to talk about your first computer. Hey, I still remember the TRS 80 (who people in the know call it the Trash80). If you liked something and you are proud of it and still refer to it as trash, well… So, I am usually…


Parent Child Differencing Disks in Hyper-V

I searched and I could not find a step-by-step process that described how to setup a Parent Child configuration using Differencing disks in Hyper-V. I was first taught about this trick in the Connectix / Virtual PC days. The VMWare parlance is linked clones, I believe. Anyways, I started a TechNet Wiki article a couple…


TechMentor Conference Orlando 2009 (June 22-26)

Kurt Hudson from the Active Directory documentation team will be presenting the session Best Practices for Virtual Domain Controllers at TechMentor in Orlando. See the conference ad video. LiveJournal Tags: conference,Active Directory Domain Services,Hyper-V,virtual directory services,best practices This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.