New AD CS doc: Migrating a Certification Authority from a CSP to a KSP

Just published: Migrating a Certification Authority Key from a Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) to a Key Storage Provider (KSP) – and optionally, migrating from SHA-1 to SHA-2. If you have a CA that you installed and configured a while ago and you're now able to implement these stronger security options, use this how-to and verification…


PKI Design "Brief Overview"

I am really trying to make this TechNet Wiki article PKI Design Brief Overview a place from which we can answer the basic questions regarding PKI design and then point off to the more detailed information. Feel free to review this document. If you have pointers to great resources regarding PKI Design that are…


How do I install Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)?

Be sure that you’ve planned your PKI. Then, see Offline Root CA. Tags: Active Directory Certificate Services,AD CS design,installing AD CS,PKI design,CA hierarchy,installing Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)