Windows PowerShell script that helps you to find unregistered subnets by Alexandre Augagneur

DS-MVP Alexandre Augagneur has added a Windows PowerShell script to the TechNet Script Center Repository. This script can help you locate IP v4 subnets that you may want to add as Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) sites. The script, called Collect-MissingADSubnets, helps you to review client logon attempts from the domain controllers where no matching…

How many RIDs are left in your domain? Tags: RID,SID,Active Directory,maximum number of accounts Are you in danger of running out of relative identifiers (RIDs) in your domain? If you have not heard of this before, you should see Active Directory Maximum Limits – Scalability and read the section Maximum Number of Security Identifiers. Then, come back here to see how to…


Producing a list of multivalued linked attributes

Active Directory objects can have several different types of attributes. The two basic types are single valued and multivalued. The most frequently asked question regarding attributes that I have seen is that regarding the member attribute because it comes into play when discussing the maximum number of members (users) you can have in a group….