Doc Updates for Azure RMS – December 2014

Now on the Microsoft Rights Management (RMS) Team blog  – Announcement: Azure RMS Documentation Library Update for December 2014 Update 6th January, 2015:  Also, check out What’s New in Azure RMS (September–December 2014)


New documentation: Want to know how Azure RMS works, under the hood?

You don't need to know how Azure Rights Management (RMS) works, because it takes care of all that for you. But people obviously like to know, for peace of mind, for curiosity, to help them understand the technology better, to be able to answer questions from their security team. How Azure RMS works isn't that…


New documentation: Deploying AD RMS with AD FS (Windows Server 2012 R2)

Now published, tried and tested step-by-step instructions: Deploying Active Directory Rights Management Services with Active Directory Federation Services We heard that customers had a hard time figuring out the configuration steps needed here for Windows Server 2012 R2.  There have a been a lot of changes to AD FS since the original topic, AD RMS with…


What's New in Azure Rights Management

It's certainly been a busy year so far for the Rights Management (RMS) team, with advanced configuration for Azure RMS moving to the Azure Management Portal, new releases of the RMS sharing app that lets you protect any file type, better support for mobile devices … and they are not slowing down the improvements any…


All things RMS sharing app …

If you've been reading the exciting announcements for RMS (blog post Major Update: Improved Office file support + Service improvements) … and if not, you really should! … you will know that updating the RMS sharing app played a major role in the recent releases. I loved the walkthrough and screenshots in the blog post,…


New version of DirSync released

Hi there, today, we have released a new version (6985.0000) of DirSync. For more details, see Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync tool – Version Release History. Happy syncing, Markus