A delegation for this DNS server cannot be created because the authoritative parent zone cannot be found or it does not run Windows DNS server.

A common warning message for anyone who has installed Active Directory on Windows Server 2008 or Windows 2008 R2, especially on the first domain controller in a forest or domain is:


A delegation for this DNS server cannot be created because the authoritative parent zone cannot be found or it does not run Windows DNS server. If you are integrating with an existing DNS infrastructure, you should manually create a delegation to this DNS server in the parent zone to ensure reliable name resolution from outside the domain “treyresearch5.net”. Otherwise, no action is required.

If you are installing a forest root domain controller that is using Active Directory-integrated DNS, you typically do not need to be concerned about this warning message. A more detailed description is given on TechNet in the article Known Issues for Installing and Removing AD DS under Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard (Dcpromo.exe) issues.


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  1. Somehow the content of the blog message was deleted and I cannot seem to fix. We’ve covered the information at


  2. Hi i.biwajith,

    You are right. If the wizard can create delegation records in the parent DNS zone, you won't see this message. Because a child domain is created using Enterprise Admin credentials, you would have permissions necessary to create the delegation records in the parent DNS zone, assuming you are installing AD-integrated DNS. In this case, the wizard creates the delegation records for you.



  3. bshwjt says:

    For child domain we will not get that.

  4. If you are NOT installing in a forest root domain, then you will likely want to create the delegation record manually, see Understanding Zone Delegation: technet.microsoft.com/…/cc771640.aspx

  5. Steve says:

    Title what I wanted but a blank page?

  6. Kurt Hudson says:

    Not sure how that happened, but visit


    Known issues for Installing and Removing AD DS



  7. Trix says:

    And if you are NOT installing in a forest root domain?

  8. mij@bitchx.it says:

    Before setting up secondary nameservers I always test the condition of the zone with tools like http://www.buddyns.com/delegation-lab or intodns.

  9. S says:

    Having the issue, while doing Additional DC, shall we ignore it

  10. Justin [AD Documentation Team] says:

    Hi S,

    Yes, you can click Yes to continue the installation. You can update the DNS delegation as needed after the installation is complete. See Update the DNS Delegation Records at



  11. Richard KPN says:

    Technorati Tags "technorati.com/…/DNS+delegation+Active+Directory+parent+zone" link does not work anymore

  12. Anonymous says:

    Pingback from Migrando Controlador de domínio 2003 para 2012 R2 | Charles Aureliano Santana

  13. raghav says:

    No matter what i do like install a DNS role from the add features menu, My domain controller creation in a new forest will never work. I try everything, updates, freeing disk space, adding conditional forwarders and dns/dchp deployment. None of them work.
    Can anyone give me remote desktop please i need help making 1 virtual machine in workstation.

  14. adam says:

    sorry, but this blog post is simply a JOKE

  15. bernard says:

    I encountered this issue using vm ware.

    To avoid this issue you need to do the following
    1. Set static IP and DNS
    2. Set Local server name and password

    Then run again… 🙂

  16. bernard says:

    make sure your static IP are working, to test browse Internet… 🙂

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