(Hybrid) Cloud Design and Security

Hello again!

I've been speaking on Security, Privacy & Compliance in the Public and Hybrid Cloud at industry/ partner events and Microsoft seminar's, both internal and external for quite a few years, and am very passionate about this topic.

Recently, I was invited to speak at an Industry Security event by Trend Micro in Singapore, on the topic of (Hybrid) Cloud Design & Security to 'C' Level Executives, and I presented a small deck with a lot of information during the session. It was a lively discussion with the attending Executives on how they can obtain, and maintain even more granular compliance with logical controls, without compromising on data sovereignty and security.

The discussion comprised several aspects of Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Security, how Security for customer workloads is a shared responsibility, and how everyone plays a part in ensuring a secure and compliant cloud computing environment.

I'm uploading a sanitized version of my deck here. Obviously it has some MS confidential information removed, and proper attribution to sources given where necessary. I hope you enjoy downloading and reading the Hybrid Cloud Design & Security-STZD deck. Do feel free to post comments if you have questions, or if you feel I may have inadvertently missed attribution to any sources.


Cheers and happy reading!


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