Passing Exam 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

I just passed Exam 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions on the first attempt! So I figured I'd share my study material. First off, please know that I rarely deal with public cloud offerings and so I entered into this endeavor with only a little book knowledge but a lot of private cloud/IaaS experience. As much as I hated studying for another exam, I do see the benefit in taking the "good medicine" as it will help one stay relevant with Microsoft Azure offerings well into the future.

Do not take the exam lightly! Overall, I spent ~80 hours preparing for the exam. I skipped sleep and studied all night prior to the exam (which is not a good idea as you can imagine). In addition to performing my due diligence (reading all of the material below), I said a prayer to Jesus just before the test, and then did my best in that state despite almost falling asleep several times with the clock ticking down! Not ideal and I personally thought I wouldn’t pass it in the end. I barely passed the exam; but PTL anyway for "pulling my fat out of the fryer" again! Story of my life.

With my disclaimer and acknowledgement out of the way, here's the material that I consumed in preparation:

Sizes for Virtual Machines

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory editions

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

How to Authenticate Web Users with Azure Active Directory Access Control

Use a SAML 2.0 identity provider to implement single sign-on

Role-based access control in the Microsoft Azure portal

Access Control Service 2.0

Directory integration

Determine which directory integration scenario to use

Review the requirements for deploying AD FS

About secure cross-premises connectivity for virtual networks

VPN Gateway FAQ

How to move a VM or role instance to a different subnet

Allocating Static IP Addresses to your VMs

Azure Websites Pricing

Configuring a custom domain name for an Azure cloud service

Configuring SSL for an application in Azure

Configure web apps in Azure App Service

Microsoft Azure Storage

Azure Storage Replication

Use the Microsoft Azure Import/Export Service to Transfer Data to Blob Storage

Windows Azure Virtual Machines – Gotcha’s!

Windows Azure Storage Logging: Using Logs to Track Storage Requests

Enabling Storage Logging and Accessing Log Data

Storage Analytics Logging

Configure a custom domain name for blob data in an Azure storage account

Azure App Service plans in-depth overview

Azure Service Bus

How to use the Azure Service Bus relay service

Azure Queues and Service Bus queues - compared and contrasted

Azure Table Storage and Windows Azure SQL Database - Compared and Contrasted

Designing a Scalable Partitioning Strategy for Azure Table Storage

Azure SQL Database Overview

Elastic Database Jobs Overview

Azure Business Continuity Technical Guidance

Azure SQL Database Business Continuity

Azure Exam Prep – Fault Domains and Update Domains

How to Scale an Application

Best Practices for Maximizing Scalability and Cost Effectiveness of Queue-Based Messaging Solutions on Azure

Hosting a Multi-Tenant Application on Windows Azure

.NET multi-tier application using Azure Service Bus queues

Run Background tasks with WebJobs

Transparent Data Encryption with Azure SQL Database

Using Azure Traffic Manager with Azure Web Sites

Traffic Manager documentation

What is Azure Rights Management?

Introduction to machine learning on Microsoft Azure

Azure Media Services Overview and Common Scenarios

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

How to map Custom Domain to Content Delivery Network (CDN) endpoint

Azure Notification Hubs

Upload images to Azure Blob storage by using Mobile Services

Add push notifications to your Mobile Services app

Windows Azure Management Cmdlets

Azure Service Management Cmdlets

Azure Automation

Credential assets in Azure Automation

Collect Logging Data by Using Azure Diagnostics

Debugging a Cloud Service or Virtual Machine in Visual Studio

Run Startup Tasks in Azure

xPath Values in Azure

Monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot Microsoft Azure Storage

Understanding Monitoring Alerts and Notifications in Azure

Receive alert notifications

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