Windows 2008 "eats commercial Linux"

Product review: Windows Server 2008 is the host with the most, and the perfect guest  


Scripts for WSUS Import/Export

The WSUS Deployment Guide has good general guidance on how to export/import content and metadata to a disconnected network.  Here are some quick scripts that I whipped up to ease the process, as it’s something that you’ll probably want to do regularly. WsusContentBackup.cmd WsusContent.bks is required.  As is right now it will backup C:\WSUS\WsusContent to…


Command Line Timestamp

I often write little batch scripts, sometimes just as a way to save a lengthy command line.  Frequently I also want to output the result to a file and give it a unique (and meaningful) filename.  However the built-in %date% and %time% variables expand to the unuseful “Fri 01/04/2008” and “15:35:51.14” which are difficult (or…