MMS 2011 Session

A little self-promotion.... 

BF21 Accelerated Scripting with the MDT Framework

Speaker(s): Aaron Czechowski
Track(s): Server Management Technologies, Solution Accelerators, Systems Management
Session Type: Breakout Session
Product(s): Configuration Manager 2007 R2 & R3, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Solution Accelerators, Windows PowerShell

This session will help you accelerate and standardize your VBScript or Windows PowerShell scripts using a proven framework. We will demonstrate helper functions from the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit script library as well as a new Windows PowerShell library, and how you can incorporate your custom scripts. Topics include simplified logging, a shared variable environment, common functions, accessing INI/XML files, use within MDT and ConfigMgr task sequences, and general best practices.

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  1. Hi Paul, the Windows PowerShell library that I'll demo on Friday is still a work in progress.  I'll be interested in feedback during/following the session, and then might look at releasing it in the near future.  Assuming you'll be at the session on Friday let's talk more then.


  2. Paul Iddon says:

    Hi Aaron,

    Are there new cmdlets on the way?



  3. Paul Iddon says:

    Hi Aaron,

    Just another question. I am well versed in Powershell and MDT. If you need anybody to beta test I would love to take part.


    Paul (

  4. Paul Iddon says:

    I wish I was at MMS. If I knew this kind of session was on I think I would have sold my house to get to it.

    Shame. Ill have to keep an eye out for the library.

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Paul Iddon — T: paul__iddon

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