A new look

With quarterly training waiting to be done, I decided to procrastinate some more and tweak the ol' blog a bit.  I've always been a big fan of simple, clean, sparse templates, so I'm trying out the Luxinterior - light_wide skin to see how it fits.  I also added a blogroll for some others that I frequent.

With the new template I was especially drawn to the wide format, which segues into a little technical content for this post: my command prompt preference.  I'm not a big fan of the default, 80-character layout, especially on modern, large monitors with jacked up resolution.  So I typically increase the Window size (on the Layout tab of the Command Prompt properties) to the maximum width of the screen (increasing the Windows size automatically ups the Screen buffer).  My laptop is 1400 x 1050 which fits 170 characters nicely.  When I'm really in a command-line mood, I'll even maximize the window for a real throw-back experience.  Sometimes I also prefer to crank down the font size to 10pt Lucida Console (or 6x8 Raster Font) which on a 1400-pixel wide screen allows me to increase the Window/Buffer size up to about 230.  Maximize that and you have a nice piece of CLI real estate.

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  1. dougkl says:

    Not sure which is scarier, that you count the number of characters that fit lengthwise on your screen, or that you admit to liking command windows so much…  gees, get into the gui life man 🙂

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