Additional Windows 2000 Prerequisite for BDD

The BDD 2007 Lite Touch Installation Guide (specifically, Ensuring That the Required Infrastructure Exists) lists the prerequisites for target computers.  The lowest possible system is Windows 2000 SP4 with WSH 5.6, MSXML 3, and MDAC 2.  While testing something else, I installed Windows 2000 RTM, applied service pack 4, installed WSH 5.7, and MSXML 3 SP7.  (MDAC 2.53.6200.1 is present already.)  When trying to deploy a ZTI image (that's tested and works in a variety of other scenarios), OSDLaunch fires OSDAgent, which quickly exists.  OSDLaunch.log and OSDAgent.log are in c:\winnt\temp and MININT is removed.  The notable portion of OSDAgent.log has the following:

Executing command line: cscript.exe ZeroTouchInstallation.vbs /debug:true
Process completed with exit code 1
Action failed with exit code 1
Stat Msg: 3221236573 ... Win32ErrorCode=#2147500037
Action engine returns bIgnoreErrors = 0, METHOD_RETVAL= 80004005
The operating system installation failed. Please contact your system administrator for assistance.
The action "ZTI Validation" failed with exit code 1
Installation failed with error code 80004005
Saving Logs into the Temp Folder : C:\WINNT\TEMP\SMSOSD

Troubleshooting the issue with a copy of ZeroTouchInstallation.vbs, it was failing trying to run ZeroTouchInstallation.wsf, returning exit code 1.  So I created a dummy file, test.wsf, with the following code:

<job id=test>
<script language=vbscript>
wscript.echo "hello world"

I saved the script to C:\ and then ran cscript c:\test.wsf and receive the following error:

Input Error: Can not find script file "c:\test.wsf".

Errorlevel is set to 1.  The script runs successfully on an XP system, and runs okay on a customer's Windows 2000 image.  The latter has WSH 5.6, but I also noticed has IE 5.5 SP2, whereas the vanilla Windows 2000 install with SP4 only has IE 5.01.  So I upgraded IE to 5.5 (no SP) and the test script runs ok.  Redeploying the ZTI package and all's well.

So in short: Internet Explorer 5.5 is also a prerequisite for deploying a BDD install to Windows 2000.

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