A note to rule them all

I've fallen in love with two things while in Washington at MSSU.  The first is OneNote.  I was first introduced to it years ago when I had the opportunity to use a tablet for a while and at the time found Windows Journal easier to use than OneNote (looking back, a very "Notepad vs Word" argument).  Since then I had never seen the use for it on a non-tablet device.  Last week at MS101 I was sitting next to a guy from the UK who was writing notes in OneNote and some of the presenters mentioned it.  So I started taking notes in it and one night went through the built-in getting started guide.  Now I'm hooked.  To the point that I plan on importing all of my hand-written notes so that I can easily search and find information.  What a wonderful tool!

You can learn more about my other new passion at geocaching.com.  Thanks to the good folks at PlayTime for the fun GeoTeaming event!

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