Access-Based Enumeration Whitepaper and Tools now available

As mentioned in previous posts, the Access-Based Enumeration GUI and Command-Line tools and whitepaper would be available as a separate download for SP1.  It can now be downloaded here. Many thanks to Koni for tracking this – truly appreciated. Here is what the folder properties will look like when ABE is enabled.  The whitepaper in… Read more

Windows Server 2012 released to manufacturing!

Howdy!  Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for.  I’m proud to announce that Windows Server 2012 has been released to manufacturing.  That means the final code is complete and we are delivering it to our hardware and software vendor partners this week.  We will also make the software available to our volume licensing… Read more

About Lone Server

  My Facebook page (please friend me)   Update!  Or should I say Up – GRADE!?! That’s right, ol’ Lone Server ain’t so “Lone” no more…the folks finally upgraded me to Windows Sever 2008! Read about my road to 2008 on the Windows Server Team Blog.   I want to thank everyone who supported… Read more

Windows Server 2008 – RTM!!!

As I write this,  I’m in the room where it all happens – in building 26, better known as the ship room.  Ten minutes ago Windows Server 2008 officially RTM’d.  Also in here with me are my colleagues who have been working on Windows Vista SP1, also RTM’ing today.  We’ve all been working towards this day… Read more

SMB2 Protocol – what is a Symbolic Link?

I had a comment from my last post about the new SMB2 protocol that I wanted to follow up on…There was mention of support for 'Symbolic Links' in the post and Mr. Kevin Owen asked for some clarification.  So, Kevin – straight from the developer who wrote the code: In Vista/Longhorn server, the file system… Read more

Windows Management Framework V5 Preview

Title: Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview One goal of management is to simplify creating and operating computing environments.  In Windows Server 2012 R2 we introduced two new standards-based technologies to achieve that: Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration and Certified for Windows Network Switches.  Both of these generated a lot of excitement with our customers and… Read more

Open Management Infrastructure

Many years ago, Microsoft joined with other companies to define the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), a set of standards to abstract the devices on a PC (and later, a server) for the OS.  The HAL is the unsung hero of the computing industry, allowing an amazing level of choice and interoperability in the x86 ecosystem. … Read more

Windows Server 2008 Timing Update

  With over 300,000 downloads of Beta 3 already under our belt, there is a lot of excitement here in Redmond as we get closer to our release candidate milestone for Windows Server 2008.  Customers and partners are very impressed with what they see, and the number of servers deployed in real production environments at… Read more