Windows Phone 7 coupled with Azure provides computing platform at the edge of space

The incredible team at the University of Southampton successfully launched a Windows Phone 7 handset into the stratosphere as a testbed for a series of experiements to further atmospheric research into pollution. Friday’s launch utilised a helium filled balloon to elevate a small package to an altitude of 18237 meters/59832 feet. The package contained a…


SYN – is there anyone out there?

SYN-ACK anyone? I’ve really missed hearing your views via comments to this blog. For three years I thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog and then all of a sudden I simply stopped. I felt bad and meant to explain but never did. The more time passed the harder it seemed to explain why. Some people wondered…


What do our customers think of Microsoft Security?

You may recall that I shared the results of the previous Security Newsletter Survey – here’s the latest version. In case you’re not familiar with the survey it comprises feedback and charts from the readers of the Microsoft Ltd (UK) Security Newsletter – I think both the charts and verbatim comments are pretty interesting    …


Time’s running out to download Windows 7 Beta1 for free

If you’re either a TechNet or MSDN subscriber then there’s no need to rush though the sooner you start evaluating Windows 7 the sooner you can realise the benefits in your business. The public download of Windows 7 Beta 1 finishes on 10th February so if you want to try it then you’d better get…


Which fonts are available in Windows 7 and how can I access them?

I’ve been suprised at the number of people who’ve asked me this question in the last couple of days. As I’ve mentioned previously I moved over to Windows 7 as my main O/S back in October with the PDC/WinHec M3 pre-Beta.  A couple of days ago I moved up to the official public beta 1…


Which do you prefer to use? Your home PC or your work one?

Be it a desktop, laptop or netbook many people I’ve asked this question to answer “my home one” – if that’s the case for you I’d love to hear the reason why.  If you’re old enough to do so please cast your mind back to your work PC circa 1995 – the vast majority of…


Where can I download the public beta of Windows 7 (beta 1)?

The Windows Team Blog will be updated in the next few hours detailing when and where to download the public beta 1 of Windows 7 I’ve been running the PDC/WinHec build of Windows 7 since October daily as my main machine and it’s worked brilliantly. James Senior’s blog has some great links to and descriptions of…


Join us to discuss Windows Live Mesh and the Cloud ** amended to add James Senior’s bio

If you’d like to join us please edit the wiki to add your name – that way we’ll have a good idea of how many people to expect. Where: The Coach and Horses pub, 29 Greek Street, Soho, London W1V 5LL      When: 11th December from 6pm to 8pm (and onwards for anyone that fancies it) Who’d…


Happy Birthday to Windows!

  Windows 1.0 was released on 20th November 1985 hence it’s twenty three years old today! There’s a great write up on TheRegister which includes a link to the pcmuseum – it’s a third party site which runs through a summary of the releases of Windows incuding screenshots – it’s a step back in history.


GetSafeOnline: providing advice for consumers to help them stay safe on the Internet without blinding them with science

It’s the fourth annual GetSafeOnline campaign week whereby the team will raise the profile of consumer internet safety through a revamped GetSafeOnline website (containing a wealth of commonsense “how to” information) and a range of media activity. It’s a great cause as the campaign is not trying to sell you any products or services and it aims…