GPMC slow to start? GPO reports failing? You may be missing an index.

See if you recognize this: You have lots of OUs in the domain. At least a couple of thousand. Group Policy Management (GPMC) is slow to start. It may take 10 seconds or more, and in extreme cases fails to load at all. Editing a GPO works just fine. Generating a GPO report or executing a GPO backup…


Hotfix 2 for AGPM 4.0 SP3 allows you to keep custom Read permissions

We released a silent update to AGPM 4.0 SP3, last september. Find it here: It is also slipstreamed in the latest MDOP release. The update is a change in functionality regarding permission on GPO’s. Let me quote it for you. The old behavior, always tripping up people that are new to AGPM: If you want to change…


Find out if your AGPM archive needs updating

For those of you out there using Advanced Group Policy Management a.k.a. AGPM, I have a question: how do you know that your AGPM archive still reflects the reality in Active Directory? Thought about it? Good. There is a thorny issue here that caused a lot of problems already. AGPM flat-out assumes that its archive…


Does a service account get Group Policy?

Asking the question is answering it: no, it doesn’t. This is so natural that you never think about it until you really start considering it. The fact is, you need an interactive logon to process GPO or logon scripts. So other kinds of logon such as service logon or network logon do not have GPO applied….