My name is Willem Kasdorp, and I'm a Premier Field Engineer based out of the Netherlands. In my day job I focus on Active Directory, Azure (IaaS) and related technologies.

Why another blog? I did run a blog for years in the Netherlands, but that platform got discontinued. It's been a while, and I thought it would be fun to start again. My plan is to post stuff that I learn on the job that could be interesting to a wider audience. Don't expect daily or even weekly posts. My ambition is to have one post a month on average, and if I get to that I will consider it a job well done.

What will this blog be about? Core Active Directory of course, but I won't be discussing the general stuff that can easily be found elsewhere. Expect new stuff, troubleshooting, insights, scenarios, etc. There will be Azure related material, and posts about Disaster Recovery. Perhaps some ADFS, PKI, ... we'll see. Expect a healthy sprinkling of PowerShell, as well.

I like to talk to my readers, but am not a great fan of spam. So comments are turned on, but moderated. Your reply might not show up right away for that reason. Thank you for understanding, and I hope you will enjoy my blog.

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