Deploying a Domain Controller on Guest OS hosted in HyperV on Windows 2008

When Deploying a guest OS as Domain Controller

Issue with Active Directory or licensing Services installation on the guest

Cause : Hyper-V has a time sync IC which sync guest time with host every 5 seconds. You need to disable that in case you want to move guest time behind the host time (else it will sync it next time sync cycle). In case you are moving the guest ahead of host time then the time sync don’t change guest time (it gets synched gradually over a very long period of time). Under heavy load you may see time drift in the guest in case the time sync ic is disabled.

The Best Practice would be before Promoting a guest as DC

go into the setting for that virtual machine under management option

select Integration Services

under that uncheck the time Synchronization Option  for the Vm that we are going to promote as Domain Controller

(note: point the domain controller to valid time source after the install )

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