Troubleshooting Event id 1006 Userenv Error On Client Workstation

Problem Descritpion 

Event Source: Userenv

Event Category: None

Event ID: 1006

Date: 2/14/2008

Time: 12:07:04 PM

User: njfpc\LD

Computer: LAPTOP06


Windows cannot bind to <Domain name>domain. (Invalid Credentials). Group Policy processing aborted.

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In User Env Logs

USERENV(374.2bc) 12:07:04:687 GetGPOInfo: ********************************

USERENV(374.2bc) 12:07:04:687 GetGPOInfo: Entering...

USERENV(374.2bc) 12:07:04:687 GetGPOInfo: Server connection established.

USERENV(374.2bc) 12:07:04:703 GetGPOInfo: ldap_bind_s failed with = <49>

USERENV(374.2bc) 12:07:04:703 GetGPOInfo: Leaving with 0

USERENV(374.2bc) 12:07:04:703 GetGPOInfo: ********************************


The error message states its unable to bind to domain name so

1) we need to verify that we are able to access Share on the SBS specially Sysvol and netlogon share from the client

2) the time Difference between the Server and Clients is plus minus 5 minutes not more

3)The Server is advertising itself as a Time Server In Dcdiag

4) Make sure the Binding order of the Network Interface cards is Correct

5) Start -> Run -> "control keymgr.dll" remove any entries that you have for cached Domain passwords

6) Gpupdate /force log off and relogin



happens most of the time due to invalid cache domain password being used for authentication mostly when it come to laptops

Reference Article :



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